The Birkett Family!

The Birkett Family!

It’s funny how your change your mind about things. As a kid, I always wanted and imagined myself dwelling in a big city like Belfast or Dublin. Oh how I used to mock one of my very good friends for living in the sticks, in the back of beyond with nothing but the countryside and animals as company…  what I wouldn’t give to live in a place like that now. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very happy in Manchester and thankfully have a wonderful family and friends around me but I do crave living in a big open space in the country or even better, right by the sea.

Siobhan and Sam spent their fair share of time in the big smoke and decided to make that move back to Siobhan’s hometown to raise their two beautiful children, Isla and Aron. It’s in a little place called Glenravel where my father was raised and I have extended family coming out of my ears. Things move a little slower here, there’s a wonderful community spirit and your kids can run about freely in their backyard or green fields situated all around.  I love it and feel very much at home in this part of the country and the Glens of Antrim.

Sam and Siobhan were so easy going throughout the whole shoot and I could clearly see through my lens that Sam utterly adores Siobhan. Isla was on top of her game, working her angles for the camera and giving me lots and lots of photo opportunity, every now and then flashing a mischievous smile… and as for Aron, what a good baby he was and so delectable; I had to really try and keep focused on the photography resisting the urge to blow raspberries on his gorgeous, soft cheeks.

Sam and Siobhan, I had such a lovely afternoon with you and your family and Siobhan, we’ll hopefully get to have that drink in Johnny Joe’s someday.

Thank you for allowing me to be photograph your fantastic family!

Mary xx

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