Mr & Mrs Higgins! (Malta)

Mr & Mrs Higgins! (Malta)

I really don’t know where to start with this blog because there is so much to say. I’ll start with the fact that I was very flattered and just ‘a tad’ excited that Eamonn and Noelle asked me to go to Malta to capture their wedding… but I also felt a little under pressure as Eamonn is a very well known artist within the Irish community and beyond. (Check out some of his wonderful sculptures here and paintings here.)

Malta was breathtakingly beautiful, rugged and warm…  Pretty little, rustic restaurants were dotted along the cobbled streets and and the pavements were perfumed with Mediterranean yumminess.  I arrived in the gorgeous seaside town of St Julian’s where I met lovely Noelle and Eamonn along with a 50 strong Irish army who were in tow to give them a proper Irish send off. They brought a little of home with them as Eamonn’s mum displayed some fine sewing skills and handmade the groomsmen’s Irish linen shirts, and his father, Oliver, kept to a tradition and welcomed them on arrival to their reception singing, The Green Glens of Antrim.  And as for Eamonn, he made use of his incredible sculpting talents and carved his own wedding band on which Noelle and his thumbprints were cleverly engrained.

There was a light-hearted, friendly atmosphere though out the whole day which started in the opulent Mgarr Church and after the nuptials had been performed we had a relaxing wonder round the idyllic ancient city of M’dina (and then a non-relaxing search ensued for a stolen bouquet!). The reception took place at the Old Casetllo Zamittello and Noelle and Eamonn delighted guests with a truly magnificent banquet and some fire dancers thrown in for good measure. And as the evening rolled on and the sun came down, glasses were raised and dancing shoes were donned to the early wee hours of the morn’ and then some… I packed my bags and headed back home to my family, while the rest of the party continued the celebrations on Errol Flynn’s yacht.

Eamonn and Noelle you were both absolutely wonderful and I can’t thank you enough for inviting me along to capture your day for you!! Is it too soon to bless the marriage next year and do it all over again? I wish you all the best and know that you will have many happy years together.

Mary xxx

The Stolen Bouquet

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful Irish bride in Malta who accidentally left her bouquet sitting on the steps of the ancient city of M’dina – (we’ll blame the champagne).
A little Spanish girl came along, saw the bright yellow flowers and decided to have them all for herself! The groom and photographer frantically searched the narrow and windy streets of M’dina (for a good 10 minutes!) in search of the little girl with the stolen bouquet with thoughts of what they would do if they ever got their hands on the light fingered, little tinker.
Thankfully, the chauffeur spotted the little girl, bravely approached her father and the bouquet was handed back to its rightful owner.
The beautiful Irish bride was delighted; sipped on more champagne and didn’t let go of her flowers for the rest of the day… And, she lived happily ever after…
The End!

I photograph weddings in Ireland, Britain and abroad and the majority of my photography is natural, relaxed and informal with very little posing and I try to tell your story capturing the finer details and emotion of the day. If you feel you would like to discuss my photography services further, then send me a message using the ‘Contact Me’ tab at the top of the page.

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