Family photography Manchester – ‘Backlight’

Family photography Manchester – ‘Backlight’

In the evening there is a beautiful stream of light which passes through the gate of our garden and I’ve been wanting to catch Ella’s luscious curls in it for some time, so when she asked me could she go outside looking for frogs, worms and snails, I grabbed my camera. Ella has the striking resemblance of her dad but she reminds me very much of what I was like as a kid. There was nothing more I loved than messing outside with my brothers, getting my hands and grubby fingers into whatever I could, making mud pies or collecting frogs in a bucket and coming back in for dinner needing a good wash and smelling of mud.

Here she is with her dad’s curls catching some gorgeous backlight – along with my tomboy traits…




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I love shooting everyday photography, trying to make what seems ordinary a little less so. I like to capture images of the real you using my images to show your personality and collectively to tell a story. To do this I tend to go with the flow and rather than formal poses, I prefer to take images that are relaxed and good humoured. If you feel you’d like to discuss my photography services for weddings, portraits or commercial work, then send me an email or stick on the kettle for a chat on the phone. Thanks for stopping by! Mary x

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