Wedding Photography, Manchester. Best of 2015

Wedding Photography, Manchester. Best of 2015

People always ask, “Do you love your job?”

Well… I get to spend and delve into people’s lives at one of the most joyous and happy occasions of their being, capturing natural and creative images. Every one is happy. EVERYONE. Hanging out with the bride and her gang in the morning, feeling the excitement, getting emotionally caught up in it and catching it all through my magnified piece of glass. Those happy, dancing feelings that something wonderful is about to happen. I still get butterflies every time at the bride having her dress put on, when all the larking about from the morning preps stops and quietness descends upon the room, the concentration and gentle sound of buttons and clips, when the whole enormity of it all becomes real.  It’s giving me butterflies just writing about it.

The first look, the first kiss, mum patting her eyes dry, the hold of a hand, an intimate gaze. The speeches. The funny funny stories friends and family have taken the time to write, piece together all in a way that has the room in stitches. And of course, the party. I do love a good party. The tensions of the day being released through hands, feet and old snake hips, all sorts of shapes being thrown to some of their favourite music. I’m there in the thick of it, catching it all with my camera. And of course, all the fun, fleeting and happy moments in between.

And family shoots? Capturing the unique spirit of little people and creating wonderful, fun and happy memories for my families to look back on… People who have booked me for their wedding because they love my family photography is probably the biggest compliment I have received.

So to answer the question after all my waffling on …  “Absa-freakin-lootley.”

I hope you enjoy some of my favourite moments of 2015.

Roll on the start of this season. I can’t wait!

Mary xx

PS I have started taking bookings for family photography in Manchester and Northern Ireland. If you would like to make some enquiries then send me a message using the Contact Me tab or to my Facebook Photography Page. Chat soon!

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About the Author
I love shooting everyday photography, trying to make what seems ordinary a little less so. I like to capture images of the real you using my images to show your personality and collectively to tell a story. To do this I tend to go with the flow and rather than formal poses, I prefer to take images that are relaxed and good humoured. If you feel you’d like to discuss my photography services for weddings, portraits or commercial work, then send me an email or stick on the kettle for a chat on the phone. Thanks for stopping by! Mary x

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