Wedding photograhy, Hackney, London: Lianna & Toby got married, (Part 1)

Wedding photograhy, Hackney, London: Lianna & Toby got married, (Part 1)

One question people love to ask me is, “Have you worked with any bridezillas?”

I know they’re wanting a juicy story and a teeny tiny part of me wishes at times that I had an elaborate tale for them… but I’m afraid my answer is always no, I haven’t. I don’t know what it is but the wedding day gods have been particularly kind to me. My brides (touch wood) are pretty darn ace but it’s also clicked with me that her merry maids are usually very similar to my own group of friends. Bags of personality, a ruddy great laugh and a tightly knit group.

It was no different at Lianna and Toby’s wedding. The lads and lasses were all revved up for a great day out. A bunch of jokers in the best possible way, excited for their friends tying the knot and wanting to celebrate in fashion – which they did with bells on… in Hackney, London.

Here are some of my favourite moments…

Being let into Lianna and Toby’s fantastic secret that she was in the very early stages of pregnancy. Holy cow – how amazing and what great news to start the day off with!

The beautiful house full of beautiful things. It was an Air BnB that Lianna had rented for the bridal party for the weekend. With our Lloyd Grossman hats on we guessed the owner was musician or a dancer or both and who most likely worked  within the arts. Someone who had exquisite taste in vintage and second hand goods and probably spent a lot of time at flea markets. David it’s over to you!

Adele, Lianna’s mum, sneaking downstairs wearing a silver wig that belonged to the beautiful house and giving us all a real laugh.

Adele and Lianna looking at their reflection and having a good old giggle together. To me, it was like Lianna looking in the mirror and Adele’s reflection beaming back. Both are blessed with high cheek bones and gorgeous apple cheeks, they have the same lips, nose, shape of face, infectious smile, even their hands are the same. So not only did they look almost identical but they also shared the same wicked sense of humour. I’ve never come across a mother and daughter who are so alike.

At Hackney Town Hall I was waiting upstairs for Lianna, her mum and maids to arrive. Scared I might miss something I nipped downstairs only to see Adele linked to Lianna, proudly walking her up the steps and through the doors. A little moment… and I’m so glad I caught it for them.

Having 3 brothers myself I quickly realised the tight bond between Toby and his brothers Olly and Sam. They reminded me of the type to have watched each others back their whole lives. I bet they are as thick as thieves and crafty as a bag of monkeys when they are all together.

The absolute look of sheer delight on Lianna’s face when she’s walking up the aisle.

Lianna’s dad, Ken, conducted the very personal, heartwarmingly humorous and emotional ceremony – everybody was in tears. At least I think so as my vision was a bit blurred.

How Sarah (the chief bridesmaid) and I were slightly concerned there might not be enough confetti. This turned out to be a ‘tiny’ error of judgement. I love how Toby’s reaction goes from, ‘Oh confetti!’ to almost being choked and blinded by the blizzard of yellow. (Sorry Toby but it did make me chuckle!)

And that Toby and Lianna didn’t want to spend too long on their couple shots – we spent about 15 mins in total as they were more interested in spending their day with their guests. It’s what it’s all about isn’t it?!

And that’s all for part 1!  Tune in tomorrow to hear about the best food ever at a wedding; I’m not kidding. I love my grub and the groom Toby is a bloody great chef so food was a top priority. It was served at the very chilled and cool pop up restaurant of theirs, Sabel, in Hackney. An awesome place to host a wedding. AND Lianna has another surprise in store too. It’s all very exciting.

Till tomorrow!


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