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My name is Mary, I’m mum to a ball of curls and pair of trumpet pants which come in the form of two incredible and funny little humans who go by the names of Ella and Archie.

I’m partial to a good cardi, pair of sunsandals, anything corduroy and a kitchen disco.

Little pleasures:- spending time with my kinfolk/my homies/me best buds, laughing uncontrollably till my belly hurts with tears running down my face (sometimes followed by a quick cross legged dash to the loo). Planning trips; big trips or little trips in a cardboard box, living oop north in Manchesta and going to gigs with my very own personal Jools Holland, hiking and scrambling mountains with my homedawgs, camping, spending a few hours in my dusty bag old bag of photographs (usually unplanned and whilst I’m supposed to be hoovering), festivals, doing a bit of craft on a Saturday, karaoke carpool with me and the smurfs, planning my next meal (usually whilst eating), ooooh, and I’m partial to a boogie, even if I’m photographing your wedding I’ll be there in the thick of it on the tiles with you and your mates getting in on the action, snapping away. It’s definitely one of the perks of the job.

Music pleasures:- 80s Madge, Prince, Chic, War On Drugs, Bon Iver, Daft Punk, Seasick Steve, Ray Lamontagne, The Foos, The National, Gang of Youths, Angus and Julia and tooo many more to mention. Guilty pleasures:- listening to men in toight like a tiger denims with luscious locks of long hair banging out some massive 80s rock ballad. But I also wouldn’t say no to a bit of Frank Sinatra, Elvis, George Ezra, Bruno Mars, Erasure, ooooh and maybe blasting out a bit of Whitney.

The perfect song: Candi Staton, ‘You’ve got the Love’, (Florence, you know I love you and you did a fabulous job… but step away) and Donna Summer – “I Feel Love’.

Best things I’ve watched recently: ‘The Favourite’, ‘Roma’, ‘Catastrophe series 4’, ‘The Good Place”, ‘Killing Eve’ and can’t freakin’ wait for GOT.

Celeb ‘mates’:- walking up to Richard Ashcroft, arms open wide exclaiming, “Richard..!” as if I’d known him all my life, leaving the man with no option but to hug me back – the kiss on my cheek was a complete Brucey Bonus though. David Beckham waving from his car to me and a couple of suited strangers, on Deansgate, Manchester. He is incredibly good looking in real life and I was immediately smitten… and perhaps even drooling a little. Sauntering up to the legendary Alex Higgins, telling him how much my mum loves him and stealing a hug and a quick peck on the cheek. Being shot down in a proposal of marriage to Seastick Steve… He looked at me with those piercing blue eyes and replied in his gorgeous deep southern rustic voice, “Daarlin’, I kent merry you, but maybe I could take you to a moovie sometime?” (It’s fair to say there may or may not have been alcohol involved in most of these scenarios.)

Favourite quote: “This music makes my feet dance!” (Ella Shaw aged 5 to Justin Timberlake – ‘Can’t Stop The Feeling’ during one of our many kitchen discos.)

Question I would most like answered:- Where have all the slow songs gone?

Controversial thing to say:- I loved Rami Malek in Bohemian Rhapsody but I thought he was a bit Austin Powers at times.

Boy crush:- David L’aupepe, Jason Mamoa, Kelly Jones, David Grohl.

Girl crush:- Sharlene Spiteri, Florence Welch, Jodie Comer.

Best snog:- Larry Mullen, (U2 drummer) – (In a dream, circa 1994, cooo’oooor… and in my defence, he was a hottie back in the day.)

Favourite book: Marion Keyes, ‘Rachel’s Holiday’ – it’s n oldie but a goldie and made me out loud laugh more times than any other book I’ve ever read, ever.

Hidden talent – flawlessly air guitaring to ‘Duelling Banjos’ – I find I peak at this around the 2am mark.

There you have it! I don’t think there’s much left, every stone has been turned. But just to say, I love photography and my job as much as I love people and I work my heinie off for all my clients. Another pleasure in life is handing over to my couples, images and films that are creative and light-hearted, which have caught all the emotions of your well thought out day, zipping you back immediately, giving you all the good feels, experiencing the emotions and shenanigans all over again.

Seriously though, if you’d like to chat about anything else, pop the kettle on and we can have a natter about the most wonderful day you have in mind.

Lorra love and chat soon!

Mary x