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Project Description

Cushendall Glens of Antrim

Waow! I really don’t know where to start with this wedding except for saying, waow! Maybe I should say that Tara and Paul are friends of mine and I think it’s of no secret that we’ve all been wondering when they would give us a great day out?! But they do say all good things come to those who wait and hats off to them, they certainly gave us a day to remember. I was thrilled to be chosen as their photographer and I kept true to style as they both wanted natural and creative shots to tell the story of their day. And as a bonus, it all happened in my favourite part of the world, The Glens of Antrim.

For me, their little girl Molly stole the show as the fairy flower girl. Honestly, if you had put Molly and a real fairy side by side, they would have been very hard to tell apart. And as you’ll know, fairies are extremely camera shy, rarely caught on camera and so I was made to earn my pennies that day but being such a gorgeous little poppet with equally beautiful mannerisms she made every shot a picture.

And what about THAT DRESS?! Yes, that dress. It was a bespoke 1950s silk gown that had a hint of earthy tones and lilac; like no other dress I had seen before. The idea came about from the two creative minds of Tara and her uncle who is a fashion designer/dressmaker, Eamonn McKay, who I’m sure you’ll agree is quite the craftsman and who really can make dreams come true. The attention to detail especially of the pleats, were stunning and as for the veil, the piece-du-resistance, well my fashion vocabulary doesn’t stretch far enough to do it justice but suffice to say the whole ensemble oozed and dripped of 50s glamour.

But one man does not maketh a team and it helped having a multi-talented family of sisters to complete the entire look and wedding. Tara’s sister, *Eimhear, is an artistic hairstylist. Honestly, she makes hair art and I know I’ve just made up a word but it’s true! Classic, vintage, contemporary or a mixture of the above, the girl can do it all and effortlessly with stunning results. Another sister of Tara’s, *Ciara who is a wonderful creative beautician, helped tie in all the beautiful autumnal tones with flawless perfection to complete the catwalk look. By the time her sisters were done and Tara was all dolled up, she really was a little beauty indeed. Breathtaking actually.

And of course a wedding is not all about the bride, so let’s not forget the groom, our lad Smiley Paul who looked rather dapper himself, a handsome young man who was definitely fit to hold the arm of our Lady T.

We gathered at Cushendall Golf Club for the reception where my great friend for many years, Orla, (who is another sister of Tara’s), had helped with the interior design of the room creating a warm, atmospheric and inviting reception, each table dotted with pieces of lovely and candles galore.

I could go on forever about the detail of the day, and as beautiful as it was, what makes a perfect wedding day in my eyes, is a couple who want to jump in and enjoy their day, celebrate it with the people they love. And that’s exactly what they did… with bells on.

Thank you Tara and Paul for asking me to capture your day and for giving us all a day to remember for many years to come!

Mary xxx

PS GOT FANS. The couple shoot took place at the caves where the Red Witch gives birth. Roll on April.

The Dream Team

The Stables Flower Company for the bouquets and foliage. I am now a huge fan of their work. I don’t know if I want to look at, smell or take a bite out of some of their pieces! Absolutely stunning bouquets.

Ribbon: Pompom Blossom. Please check out their eye candy!

Dressmaker: Eamonn McKay (As well as Tara’s gown, veil and headpiece, Eamonn also made Tara’s mum’s wedding outfit and the bespoke cape for Molly.)

*Hair: Eimhear at SalonSixtyOne, Martinstown Tel: 028 2175 8204

*Makeup: Ciara atSalonSixtyOne, Martinstown Tel: 028 2175 8204