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    Project Description

    Cushendall, Northern Ireland

    All the love for this shoot and here’s why…

    I got to hang out with Emily who I’ve know since the age of 10. She is one of the loveliest people you will meet and hasn’t changed one little bit in all that time.
    Emily is married to my cousin, Peter. When we were kids, we all spent our holidays at ‘Archie’s Caravan Park’ in Cushendall, messing about down at the rocks, fishing for crabs or getting lost at sea on my dad’s infamous boat, during what seemed like endless summer days.
    If you follow my page you’ll know of my love for Cushendall and the wild North Sea that surrounds it.
    But best of all, I got to meet and play with Emily and Peter’s two beautiful girls, Isabella and Matilda. It was cold and windy but they never moaned once and were full of fun and giggles for the entire time and I absolutely adored how close they are… no faking it, they genuinely wanted to be cuddling and generally having a laugh and good time together. I walked away with my parent head on wondering what Peter and Emily’s secret is.

    A big thank you to the Hendron Clan and I’ll hopefully see you all soon!

    Mary xx