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Project Description

Walcot Hall Shropshire

What sort of wedding does two very out going, happy and colourful people have? A wedding like this one.

It took place at the wonderfully grand Walcot Hall that is bursting with eccentricity. George Clarke has featured Walcot Hall’s Chapel as one of his ‘Amazing Spaces’ and as if that compliment from the dreamy presenter wasn’t enough, it’s listed in the top 20 ‘Quirkiest places to stay in Britain’ by ‘The World Travel Guide’. It’s set deep in the rolling hills of the Shropshire countryside and has numerous recherché and characterful places to stay such as: The Buffalo Springfield Yurt, The Showman’s Caravan, The Dipping Shed and The Chapel, to name but a few… Your eyes seem to dot around taking in all the unusual but beautifully eclectic decor of not only the buildings but the surrounding acres of land that seem to go on forever, some which have been painted with beautiful, botanical gardens. It really is like no place I’ve been to before.

The guests stayed on site and most congregated the night before in the 17th Century Powis Arms where the celebrations for the next day’s pre nuptials began. The pub is situated at the gates of Walcot Hall and the natural inhabitants of the great outdoors were awoken by the footsteps and banter of some of the guests trying to find their retreat in the wee hours of the early morn. The sun rose in a mist of haze and bacon sandwiches and copious amounts of tea were used to clear heads for the wonderful, upcoming event.

Among the usual guests there was a dapper fox who I caught chasing an equally dapper rabbit and the guests’ dogs, not to be outdone by their rural counterparts, were suitably dressed and donned with bowties. I was surprised and delighted to catch David’s young niece demonstrating perfectly a back flip with the splits mid rotation…  And of course there was the happy, extrovert couple themselves, who were the life and soul of their own party, and took to dancing down the aisle, then with the silver brass band and later that night with the guests who were itching to get the party into full swing.

It really was a most fabulous day.

Lindsey and David, thanks for having me!